Encha Property Services (Pty) Ltd (EPS) is a subsidiary of ENCHA GROUP. It is a wholly black-owned company with a presence in Gauteng, Free State and the Eastern Cape. EPS manages a portfolio of R1 billion and provides dedicated and focused property management services.

EPS has been active in the property industry since 1967. EPS, which is 100% owned by ENCHA GROUP, has over 52 years of experience in the property industry.

The EPS Team always strives to:

  • Find innovative strategies to add value to properties they manage;
  • Execute assignments within budget and on time; and
  • Develop understanding and empathy for the requirements of its clients;


EPS is a subsidiary of ENCHA GROUP. At all times, ENCHA GROUP people must not only have regard to their own interest and that of ENCHA GROUP but also our national interest and the broader interest of the African Continent and generally the creation of a better world.

  • ENCHA GROUP people must strive at all times to treat each other with respect and dignity, irrespective of their level of responsibility in the company.
  • ENCHA GROUP people must treat all people they encounter in the course of business with humility and respect. This can be done without compromising our commercial interests and objectives. We must be both engaging and piercing without being rude, inconsiderate or pompous.

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